The Hologic Dimensions Upgradeable 2D Mammography Unit

3D Mammography has been FDA approved for at least 10 years. Therefore, pre-owned medical imaging equipment for this modality hasn’t really been available in the used medical imaging equipment market. Hologic’s upgradeable 2D mammography unit has now become more popular and started to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D mammography.

The Dimensions 2D upgradeable unit was welcomed to the market in 2009, this was their second generation digital mammography unit. This unit became popular in facilities while everyone waited for 3D mammography to be FDA-approved. The cost of this was high, and although 3D tommography was approved in 2011, some facilities never upgraded their system. The 3D Dimensions became available, and soon after, the 2D upgradeable unit became more common in the preowned medical imaging equipment market.

Many facilities that have the budget for upgrading straight to 3D mammography have taken the leap, while others with a lower budget can purchase second-hand 2D upgradeable mammography units. Technology will continue to evolve, and if your facility thrives when offering new services, it can be a great idea to upgrade to these mammography units. Brands like GE and Siemens now have 3D systems available as well, although the real winners are those who were able to purchase the 2D upgradeable modality for a lower price.

At Medilab Global, we are proud to provide doctors and facilities with medical imaging equipment, such as mammography units and breast MRIs that help diagnose patients daily. We specialize in preowned medical imaging equipment and refurbished radiology equipment that is used in hospitals worldwide! We are happy to sell used medical equipment and be a part of helping doctors save lives.


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