MRI vs X-Ray

MRI Machines and  X-Ray machines are types of Medical Imaging Equipment that help doctors diagnose many conditions. Different tests and screenings can be requested when a doctor feels there is a need to be more exact in a diagnosis. Both modalities have pros and cons, but today we will go over their main differences.

MRI Machines

MRI Equipment works with magnetic technology by taking multiple pictures or scans of the body. These can be taken in many different angles like horizontal, vertical or at multiple levels. The images produced are typically top quality over  X-Ray machines or CT Scanners and safer to use frequently. MRI Machines are normally used to scan the brain, spine, nerves, blood vessels and tendons. MRI Equipment is safe to use because it does not involve or emit radiation. The patient will need to lie flat for at least 30 minutes to get all the necessary images. This type of Medical Imaging Equipment is known to cause loud noise and can be triggering for some patients due to the small space inside of the machine. It is also important to mention that patients with metal implants are not allowed to take this type of test. A colored dye will have to be ingested in order to contrast the area that will be screened.

X-Ray Machines

This type of Medical Imaging Equipment produces flat images through radiation. In order to scan multiple angles, the body must be rotated, whereas, with an MRI machine, the machine will do the moving. An X-Ray system can be found in most medical facilities, and it is the most common type of Medical Imaging Equipment. The images are processed very quickly, and it is a very convenient modality among facilities.  X-Ray machines are likely to be used for detecting broken bones, abnormalities, or tumors in the body. These can also be used when detecting heart problems and arthritis. The scans are very affordable and effective. X-Ray machines do not provide as much detail as an MRI Machine, but it is useful for common screenings. If you are a facility looking to save money on Medical Imaging Equipment, you can check out our Used X-ray Machines For Sale 

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