Dexa Scans and their importance

Bone Densitometers are used to take bone density scans or DEXA Scans, which provide information on the strength of bones, and can detect abnormalities or fractures due to osteoporosis. They can also be used for measuring body fat, but in this case, we’re going to talk about the important part they play in medical imaging and bone health.

DEXA scans take a few minutes and involve a very low dose of radiation in comparison to a normal X-Ray. This is important for patients who worry about exposure to radiation every few years in their preventative testing. Older women are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis when it comes to bone density. In premenopausal women, estrogen helps to maintain bone density. Within the first years where menopause is reached, a woman’s bone loss increases as the years go by and can even result in a 30% loss of bone density.

Other factors that can affect bone density loss are:

Hereditary factors

Bone fracture history

Excessive caffeine and alcohol intake

Low estrogen levels

Taking the medication with bone density loss as a side effect

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The results of a Dexascan are measured in T Zone and Z Zone. If the number is relatively low, it means the chances of bone loss are high. Osteoporosis is when bone loss starts to develop within a T-Zone level of -1 to -2.5. Anything less than -2.5 indicates fully developed osteoporosis. 

DEXA Scans are non-invasive, and you will usually get the results in 24 hours. A bone densitometer in your facility is of great use, considering women are very likely to develop this disease after menopause. Talk to our representatives to find out more!


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