Redesign your MRI Suite

If it’s time for your facility to improve its MRI installations and you’re thinking about redesigning your MRI suite, there are a few tips you can keep in mind for a successful transition. In recent years, MRI technology has evolved and safety regulations for medical imaging equipment have also been updated. When it comes time to redesign your suite, and for the installation to go smoothly, you will have to consider the following tips.

Adding a mobile unit

If you’re thinking of purchasing or upgrading to pre-owned medical imaging equipment or a refurbished MRI machine for your MRI suite, you can visit our website to find the best option for your facility! Most healthcare facilities can’t afford to bring MRI scanning to a complete stop while the MRI suite is being remodeled. This is why adding a mobile MRI unit to your facility will help your overall operation. 

Magnetic field strength

When purchasing an MRI machine, it is crucial to keep in mind the magnetic field strength; this must be strong and coherent. Magnetic field strength is measured in Teslas, which will determine the scanning speed and image quality. You might want to consider an MRI device that operates at a high field strength like a 3T MRI machine. Most facilities operate at a strength of 1.5 T MRI, which is also very convenient, but if you’re considering upgrading your MRI device to a higher operating strength, then a 3T MRI machine is the choice for you.

Open MRI

If you’re seeking to improve your overall patient experience, you might want to consider an open bore MRI machine. This option operates on a low to mid-strength field and is open on all sides, using two flat magnets above and beneath the patient. A wide bore MRI can also be a good option if you want to keep image quality at its best. Choosing the right refurbished MRI machine for your facility will determine the redesign of your MRI suite.

MRI safety

When redesigning your MRI suite, you should consider all safety regulations. Keeping in mind all 4 safety zones for your MRI machine. Zone 1 is your unrestricted area for patients and healthcare professionals. Zone 2 is a controlled-access area where patients are welcomed and supervised. Zone 3 is where your post-scan patients are and the last barrier before reaching Zone 4, is where the magnet is placed. Zone 4 should be fully marked with signs, red light and all who enter must go through a metal detector in order to guarantee a safe MRI procedure. Keeping all of these things in mind when remodeling your MRI suite for a successful installation!

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