Tips to Extend your C-Arm´s Life

C-Arms help doctors evaluate and diagnose many complications and diseases. This medical imaging equipment is perfect for scanning patients with orthopedic, cardiology, traumatology, and emergency care complications or surgery. C-Arms are recognized for their C-Shaped arm that helps scan and process the X-Ray image. C-Arm machines are portable and count three main components. The X-Ray generator, the imaging system, and the workstation are all part of a C-Arm x-ray machine. These contribute to creating high-resolution images that help professionals diagnose important conditions.

Service and Maintenance

If you want to be sure to extend your C-Arm’s life, you must guarantee routine service and maintenance.

It is necessary to check your user manual to detect when it is best to service your C-Arm x-ray machine. Always hire a professional who knows how these machines are handled; otherwise, you can be left with a bigger problem to solve. A service engineer can identify issues in your imaging system that can be solved during regular maintenance. At Medilab Global, we provide facilities with pre-owned medical imaging equipment like refurbished C-Arm machines and other used medical imaging equipment.


A C-Arm must be sterilized regularly after use. With new Covid-19 protocols, it is necessary always to keep your machine clean and ready for your next patient. Dust and debris must be cleaned from the C-Arm’s wheels to maintain the smooth transportation of your medical imaging equipment. In your service manual, you will most likely find all the instructions to keep your system free of electrical damage due to dust and other components.


Make sure to protect your system with the proper drapes or C-Arm cover. It is crucial to keep away any fluids or dirt from your imaging system to guarantee the best results for your patients. Appropriate drapes or covers for your system are recommended to prevent any harmful particles from coming into contact with any of the parts when the system is not being used.


It is vital to keep your C-Arm’s monitor working in its top condition. Using functions like the short sleep mode when the machine is inactive can help your system store the images and keep them from getting burned.

In conclusion, guaranteeing timely routine maintenance and these valuable tips can help keep your C-Arm in top shape. If you are a Doctor or facility looking to sell used medical equipment, we buy medical equipment and can help you purchase or trade for one of our options! You can fill out this form and be sure to contact us at Medilab Global- we are happy to help. We have medical imaging equipment for sale, like Used C-Arms! We ship worldwide to hospitals, clinics, pain management facilities, and much more!


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