How a Mammography Unit Works and What to Expect During a Screening

If it’s your first time getting a mammogram done you can be sure it is a very important part of your health check-up. This exam can be a bit intimidating for first-time patients and it is best to be prepared. To better understand how these mammography units work, we will go over some of the most important parts of the medical imaging equipment that helps save lives daily. 

Although mammography units are medical imaging equipment, they don’t expose patients to as much radiation as other medical imaging equipment. Mammograms have 2 plates that compress and flatten the breast in order to spread apart and examine the tissue. The technologist will take an X-ray of the breast as it is being compressed for about 15 seconds. A side compression will also be done in order to scan all the tissue in the breast. In order to get a good scan or image, it is important to stand still and sometimes even hold your breath while the scans are being taken.

3D mammography units have the same way of functioning as 2D mammography units, except that 3D mammography units have a small arm that moves around the breast while it takes the images. The screening takes about 20 minutes to complete and the machine takes various images that concentrate in a specific place when it is needed. These images will then be checked by a Radiologist who will analyze them and decide if there is a need to take any more scans. It is important to have an annual screening done to ensure early detection.

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