Comparing Digital and Film X-Rays

In the past, medical facilities used only film when taking an X-Ray of a patient, involving many chemicals and delay in patient results. Nowadays the digital process has taken over and offered many benefits as well. In this article, we will break down some of the differences between digital and film X-Ray machines. If you´re looking to invest in Pre-owned Medical Imaging equipment, at Medilab Global we have Refurbished X-Ray machines for Sale or Used X-Ray machines for sale.
Some of the main reasons why you should switch to digital X-Ray Machines are the following:
No use of harmful chemicals
Shorter processing times
Easy to share high-quality images
No Chemicals or Film are used in the process
Having a digital X-Ray machine means staying away from harmful chemicals. When processing these images, the chemicals can be dangerous when not used or disposed of correctly. The film can also be a constant expense and requires adequate storage. In comparison, digital X-Ray Machines don’t require any of this. A practitioner-only views the image from a digital screen without having the dangerous chemicals involved.

Shorter processing time
Forget about waiting for results when performing an X-Ray on a patient. With digital X-Ray machines, you get instant results, meaning you can diagnose your patients sooner and provide them with a useful copy to their phone or email, without having to delay the process.

Easy to share high-quality images
When using a film-based X-Ray machine, you would have to make several copies of the sheet results due to there being only one general copy. This delays diagnosis and can be very time-consuming. With a digital result, you can share the images to your patients in seconds via web or email.
In conclusion, if you want to save time, money, and guarantee quick results to your patients, switching to a digital X-Ray machine is the way to go.

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