X-Ray vs Ultrasound

Medical imaging equipment plays a huge part in diagnosing patients daily, and there are many different types of machines that contribute to this practice. Among the most common of these machines are X-Ray and Ultrasound devices. Both of these are used to identify disease or injury in the body, and although they are both very popular, they each work differently.

X-Ray Machines

X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to produce an image. The source sends a small dose of radiation through the body and an image is created when the internal parts of the body absorb the radiation. X-Ray machines are known to identify broken bones, issues in the lungs and intestines, as well as identifying objects inside the body. The X-Ray film will detect only the area that was exposed to the beam of light. Soft tissues cannot absorb the rays, therefore the beam passes through them. An ultrasound exam might be done to further identify injury in the soft tissues. Depending on the injury, a patient can be asked to have either or sometimes both imaging exams done. If you require getting any one of these done, your physician will discuss the benefits of going through with the screening. 

Ultrasound Machines

When an injury cannot be seen directly with an X-Ray, a Doctor might use an ultrasound machine. Ultrasound machines are used to identify problems in the soft tissues or to further see injury in the muscles. Ultrasound imaging works through mechanical acoustic waves that do not carry any risk. The image an ultrasound makes is called a sonogram. As we have previously mentioned, ultrasounds create an image by traveling soundwaves inside of the body that bounces back on dense surfaces. Having a higher frequency means getting a better quality image. Having a lower frequency means the quality is inferior yet the frequency travels deeper in the tissue. Whether it be an X-Ray or an Ultrasound, you can be sure this type of technology will help your physician quickly identify the cause of pain or disease.

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