Medilab’s Legacy Continued…

In 1995 Mr. Rodrigo Henao migrated to the U.S. with his wife and four young children to begin the American Dream. Being a businessman runs through his veins, so he started his own company to sell surgical and laboratory medical equipment under the name Medilab International Corp. In 2009 the company’s name changed to Medilab Global Corp. because they still sold some laboratory products, even though their objective shifted to reselling mostly Medical Imaging Equipment and Parts. Therefore, the word “lab” was kept within the business mainly to honor Mr. Rodrigo Henao’s father; Mr. Jose Henao, and his original concept of running a family-owned Medical Equipment and Products Corporation. Today, Medilab Global continues to be a trusted, family-owned Corporation based out of Miami, FL serving hospitals, clinics, end-users, and distributors with pre-owned medical imaging equipment around the world. Our goal remains the same: “To reflect our values, knowledge, professionalism, and customer service towards everything we sell and do!”

Jose Henao Velez CIA changed the name to Joseano Ltda, and Mr. Henao’s children remained part of the family-owned business and team. In 1980, the youngest son, Mr. Rodrigo Henao was promoted from his warehouse duties to become the manager of Josenao Ltda located in Cali, Colombia. In the coming years, the Henao family provided many schools, clinics, hospitals, and laboratories with the best quality laboratory equipment and supplies that were available in the Colombian market at the time. And ultimately thereafter, Joseano Ltda. earned the title as the number one supplier in Colombia and its territories.

CEO and Founder Mr. Jose Henao (man in the middle) established a very successful business that provided laboratory equipment to hospitals, clinics, and laboratories in Bogotá, Colombia. Many of his great achievements led him to expand to Cali, Colombia (1947), Barranquilla, Colombia (1955), and Medellin, Colombia (1956). Mr. Jose Henao had a dream, to work with his family and continue his company’s legacy towards his future generations. In 1952 Mr. Eduardo Henao, his oldest son, joined the company; in 1959 his middle son Guillermo Henao joined as well; and in 1969 his youngest son, Rodrigo Henao (currently CEO & Founder of Medilab Global Corp) became part of the team that made Mr. Jose Henao’s dream come true. 


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