Surgical Prepping with X-ray Imaging C-Arms

Every year it is estimated that around 234 million major surgeries are performed worldwide. The 234 million different attempts that surgeons make to save lives, generally require different types of medical imaging equipment that will assist them during critical or routine surgical operations. An example of preowned and refurbished medical imaging equipment often purchased globally, by hospitals to private medical practices, are C-Arms. Stationary and Portable C-arms are used to take x-ray images of patients that cannot move much so it facilitates better reach, patient comfort and image quality for medical heroes. Here at Medilab Global we maintain a wide variety of C-Arms for General and Veterinary medical professionals such as Mini C-arms and Orthopedic C-Arms with Cardio and/or Vascular options. Similar x-Ray machines we carry are Hologic Mammos, AGFA CR and Fuji DR. Some are like new and have upgraded softwares while others are older machines with excellent newer parts. Regardless of the x-ray machines required, each enables Medical Specialists to visually prep to treat their patients.

In other words, medical imaging equipment is essential to doctors and surgeons alike. C-Arms reveal what is going on within the human, or animal body, while the patient is laying down on a C-Arm x-ray bed called a Fluoroscopy table. These specialized beds provide stability, access, precise and quiet, vibration-free positioning for medical patients. Now, with the countless options of C-Arm brands and models, which one do surgeons specifically prefer the most? The most popular and preferred C-Arm for surgeons is the OEC 9800. One of its features includes digital subtraction which eliminates radiopaque objects to see the blood vessels much more clearly in its images. The OEC 9800 shows great x-ray imaging with sharp x-ray images by capturing at 30 frames per second and is highly recommended by surgeons all around the world for its improved cardiac and vascular procedures.

C-Arms are important medical imaging equipment used throughout the medical field. Luckily here at our Medilab Warehouse we have countless options for hospitals, pain management facilities, clinics, private practices, etc. to choose from! Medilab Global participates at the annual FIME Show, so when you see us there, please come ask us some questions about used and refurbished, x-ray and radiology recommendations. We are always happy to help!


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