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The Siemens 0.2T MAGNETOM Open Viva provides you with with the following Specification:
• C shaped resistive magnet generates a homogenous magnetic field with field strength of 0.2 Tesla
• All safety factors in accordance with DIN IEC 601-1 are maintained.
• Patient weight can be upto 200kg.
• Have Gradients, RF system, Transmit Coil, Receive Coils, CP body/ Spine Coil, head Coil, Multi purpose coils, Large Loop Coil, ECG Cable, Knee Rest, Head Rest.
• Body/Spine Coil with 30mm, 35mm, 39mm, 48mm and mp45 coil with calibrating phantom.
• Computer system having 2 components integrated into electronics cabinet (image processor and host computer).
• Integrated SUN Based host computer is used.
• Image processor( SMI 5)
• NUMARIS software: Patient registration, MR measurement, image reconstruction, image display and evaluation as well as archiving and documentation.
• MR operating Console (MRC) controls and monitors main functions of MAGNETOM


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