The Toshiba Aquilion Prime 40 Slice Ct Scanner provides you with with the following Specification:
• Fast Reconstruction
With a reconstruction speed of up to 60 fps*, all images are available shortly after scanning, even when scanned with Toshiba’s unique 0.5 mm slice thickness.
• 78 cm gantry aperture
The gantry has a 78 cm aperture, the largest available in a high-end CT system. In combination with 300 kg couch*, this makes it possible to perform scanning easily, even in patients who are difficult to position, such as emergency or bariatric patients.
• SUREXtension
SUREXtension* provides access to Toshiba’s powerful post processing applications from the personal computer like thin client. CT datasets can be viewed and analyzed at your computer anywhere on the network. With the additional display console and SUREXtension*. Aquilion PRIME provides a cost-effective post processing solution.
• Body Perfusion*
Body perfusion* software analyzes the blood perfusion of an organ from dynamic scan images. The perfusion application can provide additional information for the diagnosis, treatment and follow up of lesions.
• Lung Volume Analysis*
Lung volume analysis* automatically identifies tissues in the lung fields with a CT number lower than the specified value (regions of pulmonary emphysema) for visualization and analysis.
•  Dual Energy*
Dual-energy helical scanning alternates between high and low kV with each gantry rotation. The mA is also automatically adjusted for the two different energies to ensure a matched signal to noise ration which increases the accuracy of dual energy* analysis. In addition, Aquilion PRIME automatically turns X-ray exposure off as the X-ray tube passes the front of the patient, thus minimizing exposure to radiosensitive organs such as the breasts and eye lens.


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