The Philips Intera Power Mobile provides you with with the following Specification:
Built on the high-definition platform you know and trust, Philips Intera Power Mobile allows you to see more, do more and expect more than ever before.
• Actively Shielded Gradient System – The Intera 1.5T gradient system is a state-of-the-art 30 mT/m whole body, flexible-response, high duty cycle non-resonant gradient system, enabling 0.4 msec. Gradient rise times. The application of advanced technologies has resulted in a spectacular reduction of the gradient acoustic noise level.
• Digital RF System – Advanced Digital Spectrometer – Intera systems feature an advanced spectrometer. This fully digital RF system provides accurate and flexible on-the-fly-generation of the gradient and RF waveforms. RF Power Amplifier – The 25 kW RF power amplifier allows short pulses to be used, ensuring optimal SNR. With a performance well in excess of present requirements, it will be capable of all complex pulse sequences, now and in the future.
• Power Distribution Unit (Universal) – A power distribution unit (PDU) is delivered standard with each Intera. The PDU accepts either 208v or 480v input voltages. Please review PMSNA planning package for details.
• Synergy Platform – The Synergy platform expands the number or receiver channels to seven and allows use of Synergy Coils with up to six Quadrature phased-array elements. Synergy technology allows the use of multiple phased array elements in each coil. Synergy coils provide image acquisition with even better SNR than conventional surface coils. This allows short scan times with a ghih SNR. Each coil element is individually optimized for FOV coverage, penetration depth and maximum SNR. The system automatically combines the data measured with each individual coil into one final image. A dedicated software algorithm optimizes the monogeneity of the imates. For all synergy coils, the use may select which coil elements will actually be used in the scan. Two synergy coils can be connected simultaneously for immediate sequential scanning.


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