The GE Discovery MR750 3.0T offers advanced technology, such as:
• High performance whole-body gradients designed to deliver powerful 50 mT/m amplitude and 200 T/m/s slew-rate on each axis simultaneously.
• ARC parallel-imaging, which utilizes a full 3D data kernel for more accurate reconstruction.
• A volume-reconstruction engine that enables real-time image generation.
• OpTix optical RF technology, engineered to increase signal clarity and maximize signal intensity.
• PERFORM 2.0, which automatically fine-tunes system SAR modelling and personalizes it for each patient.
• The eXtreme resonance module (XRM), which delivers a 48-cm field of view with linearity.
• VIBRANT Flex technology, which combines multiple series of breast scans into one.
• Time of Flight (TOF) imaging, which rapidly captures high-definition images that display small-vessel detail and blood-flow subtleties—without contrast injections.
• IntelliTouch patient positioning —start scanning in just two steps.
• BrainWave suite of functional MRI (fMRI) applications, which provide excellent signal stability, and an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio.


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