When and How to Sell your Medical Imaging Equipment

If the maintenance of your medical imaging equipment is causing your budget to spiral out of control, it is most likely time to upgrade your system. When your systems are frequently serviced, they should last longer than expected. Still, if you’re getting warning signs every few weeks, you might want to look into upgrading your current system and selling your used medical imaging equipment. Whether it is a new option or refurbished medical imaging equipment, it is important to provide your patients with the best service.

Before selling your used medical imaging equipment, you must do your research on all your options. Today there are many ways to sell used medical equipment. At Medilab Global, we specialize in pre-owned medical imaging equipment and buy medical equipment from facilities like yours! You can fill out this form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

Other places like auction sites are also available for facilities that want to sell used medical equipment. You might need to provide all types of information on your medical imaging equipment, and it is important to guarantee that the auction site offers legitimacy in its services.

Trade-ins are another good option for getting rid of your pre-owned medical imaging equipment. We also offer a trade-in program for our clients! This option is very affordable and convenient. Resellers like us make the task easier for everyone; we guarantee full satisfaction and compliance with the normativity.  If you’re choosing to work with a broker, make sure to take extra precaution with financial details and inspect the system beforehand. With an established reseller like Medilab Global, you can guarantee great customer service. We are experienced at pricing and transporting your used medical imaging equipment.

Here at Medilab Global, we strive to provide doctors and facilities with used medical imaging equipment, refurbished medical imaging equipment, or pre-owned medical imaging equipment. If you are looking to purchase medical imaging equipment, make sure to contact us, we are happy to help!


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