5 Benefits of Tomosynthesis 3D Digital Mammography

Ever since Hologic received FDA approval on their breast tomosynthesis system the imaging world has been taken by storm and continuously upgraded. Facilities have been able to provide faster technology for patients in order to reach more productivity. Today we will go over some benefits of this technology to help you determine if a 3D Digital mammography system is the right choice of medical imaging equipment for your facility!

How it Works
3D mammography units are simple imaging systems that produce high-quality images for facilities and patients. This process involves 15 different images being taken from different angles of the breast to produce a 3D slice or image. This process provides a sharper look and a more detailed view of the breast. There is more probability of finding a lesion when there are more angles or shots to capture it. Think about it this way; there is a greater chance of detecting cancer if the breast is being thoroughly scanned from every angle.

Less call-back appointments due to preciseness in scanning.
Detection shows the inner breast without image distortion or shadowing.
Faster detection as the breast is scanned from many angles can help rule out benign obstacles.
Comfortable scanning due to scans being produced in a single compression.
Larger breast tissue can be scanned easily due to improved imaging.

Healthcare providers are always looking for better and faster ways to improve their scanning services, so 3D mammography units are a great option to keep up to date with the latest medical imaging equipment technology. Over the years, demand has developed and gone up since 3D technology. Here at Medilab Global, we specialize in diagnostic imaging equipment sales of preowned medical imaging equipment such as mammography units and mobile mammogram units. If you are currently typing into your search engine “Mammography Machine For Sale,” check out our current options! We guarantee our used medical imaging equipment provides facilities with high-quality imaging systems for sale. We also purchase medical imaging equipment, and if you are interested, you can fill out this form to sell used medical equipment, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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