Choosing an MRI Sound System

Most MRI facilities now count with high-quality sound systems due to a regulatory norm on patient comfort. Many options are available nowadays to ensure patient satisfaction and comfort while scanning and deciding which is best for your facility can be a hassle. A sound system should not be too complicated to use, and training technicians in handling the system is important. When it comes to medical imaging equipment, assuring patient comfort when scanning is crucial.

When deciding on a sound system, it is recommended that it is easy to use for your technicians. Your sound system can become an expensive monument if your team does not have the proper training to handle it or if it is too complicated to use. If it is simple to use, your MRI technician will be productive and the workflow at your facility will be positive. MRI Equipment should offer a sound reduction of -29 decibels in order to cover the noise inside the bore.

Some patients prefer to listen to music with words to distract from the noise in the MRI Scanner while others prefer to listen to classical or relaxing music. A sound system is a great way to provide a comfortable experience for patients and some MRI Machines even have a Bluetooth connection that allows a patient’s preference of music to be played. It is important to ask all the questions necessary before purchasing an MRI Sound System, but it is crucial to see that it will help your facility and patients in the long run. 

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