Cath Lab X-Ray Tubes and Their Lifespan

If you’ve had your Cath Lab for a while, it is probably time to check the X-Ray tube! The lifespan of an X-Ray tube on a cath lab can be hard to estimate because facilities don’t track the usage as much as they do on other medical imaging equipment. One of the most influential factors on the lifespan of a Cath Lab X-Ray tube is how much the tube is used. If the tube is used under more controlled and moderate conditions, chances are the tube will last longer. When the tube runs for long periods on a high-powered level, it will affect the lifespan.

In order to prolong the lifespan of the X-Ray tube on your Cath Lab, make sure to turn your equipment on and off properly. Doing so will prevent drastic temperature changes, expanding your tube’s lifespan. Providing maintenance regularly will keep your X-Ray tube’s chiller working smoothly. This part is responsible for keeping the temperature balanced and therefore keeping your X-Ray tube in good shape.

Most manufacturers will give the X-Ray tube on a Cath Lab a lifespan of about 5 to 8 years. Keeping your system in check with regular maintenance and great usage habits will most likely keep your pre-owned medical imaging equipment within the estimated lifespan. If you’re looking to purchase Used Cath Lab Equipment, make sure to contact us!

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