The Importance of Calibrating your CT Scanner

In order to guarantee image quality, it is crucial to perform regular maintenance on your CT Scanner. In recent years, there has been an increase in performing CT Scans in cardiac, neuro, and angiography studies. Having your medical imaging equipment serviced regularly will ensure you get the most out of your used ct scanner machine. Calibrating your CT Scanner will ensure your system performs at the highest level possible, but there is no rule for how often it should be done.

Most pre-owned CT scanner equipment vendors will provide Ct scanner maintenance service and repair, therefore, you must contact them to ensure your used ct scanner machine is working properly. Calibrating your CT Scanner involves scanning an object with a radio frequency that can ensure the measurements give the Hounsfield Units needed (HU). This value, or HU unit, is used to measure the absorption of radiation within the tissue.

During this test scan, a greyscale will appear in many shades, when the calibration is precise, there will be no distortion in the image or loss of value. A CT Scanner is capable of rendering over 200+ shades of gray, meaning a 2% density difference can be easily detected. Image distortion or not having the correct contrast enabled in your CT Scanner can lead to misdiagnosis. It is also important when purchasing pre-owned CT scanner equipment to calibrate the system to the testing standards of your facility. The team at the facility must be aware of when the right time to calibrate the system will be. The proper protocols for awareness of miscalibration must be installed in the facility in order to keep the CT Scanner 

working properly.

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