The Importance of RF Shielding

An MRI machine works through a magnetic field and radio frequency in order to compile images of the inside of the body. This means that in order to produce images and prevent outside interference, an MRI device and room will require RF shielding. When designing and building your MRI room, you must ensure the walls are thick enough to be shielded in order to keep interference out of the way. Shielding is expensive and a very difficult process; an expert must do it.

Shielding is done with a Faraday cage or copper cage that is installed in the walls of the MRI suite. Shielding the windows will also prevent electronic interference and let you visualize the patient. Waveguide vents guarantee air circulation while also preventing outside interference. It is also crucial to consider what type of MRI machine you will purchase for your suite, as different types can cause stronger interference.

An open MRI machine won’t require as much shielding because it produces images through computer algorithms, but superconducting magnets do use radio frequency to produce the images. The strength of the magnet will also determine if you will need stronger shielding in your suite; anything above 1.5 T will require strong shielding. The size of the room will also determine how much shielding you need for your MRI machine to work correctly; the bigger the room, the more shielding you will require. 

Electronic devices, radio waves, lightning, and solar flares will all cause radio frequency interference. When you shield your MRI machine suite, you can guarantee this doesn’t happen, and your used MRI scanner is safe from interference. When constructing your MRI suite, make sure to hire a specialist who is experienced in RF shielding, as it can be time-consuming and contradicting to your business if it is not installed from the beginning. It can also lead to misdiagnosis and poor image quality.

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