Typical C-Arm Issues and Solutions

Once you start experiencing problems in your medical imaging equipment, chances are you have an engineer ready for servicing. If it is a small issue, there are some steps that can be followed in order to solve them. Some of the top issues that C-Arms will experience are charger fails, full hard drives, communication errors, pitted x-ray tubes, and low mA errors.

Charger Fail

When your C-Arm shows this message, it most likely means the batteries have to be replaced. 

A quick fix can be to reboot the system, but in the long run, it’s best to replace them completely.

Low mA error

This message also means there is a low battery issue or that it’s undercharged. A faulty circuit board, a worn-out generator, or a pitted tube can also cause this warning sign. After plugging in the C-Arm verify after 4 hours if the message is cleared. If it persists, it is best to let your Biomed team reset the boards, or change out the batteries.

Pitted X-Ray tube

Overheating, lack of use or worn-out bearings are some of the reasons the X-Ray tube may become pitted. C Arm machines have either a rotating or fixed anode; depending on the use, it can become pitted. When it overheats, it can cause the surface to be weakened. It can be hard to tell if your X-Ray tube is pitted while the C-Arm is on. If you hear a clicking noise while the fluoro exposure is going on, this most likely means the tube is pitted. In some cases, you can use the tube while you replace it, but in other circumstances, it can be best to immediately replace the tube.

Gasses can build up inside the tube when a C-Arm hasn’t been used in a while. These gasses can cause flashes of electricity, also known as arcing, that can pit the anode. Make sure to let the tube cool down during longer procedures to prevent further damage.

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