Protect your C-Arm cables

As with any medical imaging equipment, there will be servicing needed when owning a C-Arm. If you keep up to date on all maintenance, your C-Arm machine will work at its best. There are some definite measures that you can take to prevent total damage to your c-arm x-ray machine. In this Blog, we will address how you can avoid the damage done to your C-Arm’s cables.

Damage done to your cables can be in either small or large tears. A large tear will most likely mean the internal wires are exposed. This can produce a significant safety concern, given that it can cause many different dangers and performance issues. The three cables where tears are usually seen are the HV cable, the Interconnect Cable, and the Power Cable. When any damage is done to these three cables, you will most likely have to replace them. The power cable is generally easy and affordable to replace, but the HV and the Interconnect Cable will set you back around $2,500. 

As with any part of your medical imaging equipment, these three cables are extremely important for your C Arm machine and must be replaced entirely if torn. The tape will cover up the tear, but it is only a temporary fix, and over a short time, you will most likely require a service call. Tears are mainly produced in three ways but can be avoided in many. 

Safely Unplugging your Cables

The way in which you unplug your cables has everything to do with how long they will last. When unplugging your cables, make sure to always properly and gently disconnect them and not yank them from the wall.

Do not roll over your C-Arm cables

Cables get torn when they are run over by the wheels on your C-Arm x-ray machine. In facilities with heavy traffic areas, it is most common to have this type of problem. Your C-Arm machine is a mobile unit and chances are the cables are lying on the floor most of the time. It is crucial to not run over these with your C-Arm, C-Arm table, or medical cart. The more conscious you are about the cables, the longer they will endure.

C-Arm movement

The HV cable is very sensitive, and the way you move your C-Arm around will directly influence the state of your cables. You should never rotate or pull your C-Arm machine by the HV cable, and doing this can easily tear your HV Cable.

Here at Medilab Global, we advise that your C-Arm system is routinely serviced and your C-Arm cables taken care of in order to guarantee its potential. We provide facilities with used medical imaging equipment, refurbished medical imaging equipment, or pre-owned medical imaging equipment. If you are looking to purchase medical imaging equipment, make sure to contact us, we are happy to help, and we have refurbished C-Arm machines and used C-Arm X-ray machines! We ship worldwide to hospitals, clinics, pain management facilities, and much more! We have Used C-Arms for sale and a wide range of options to choose from.


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