Preventative Maintenance For Your MRI

Keeping your MRI device up to date on its maintenance and servicing is key to its functionality. This is why ensuring the right components are checked is crucial for your MRI machine. Here are the key points for your equipment, whether it’s a refurbished mri machine or a brand new system.

Engineer Training
It is crucial to guarantee the person or engineer handling servicing is trained to inspect your MRI device. Your engineer should be more than experienced in handling your MRI system to detect any issues.

Cold head Coverage
When purchasing your new MRI or your used MRI scanner, it is key to imply cold head coverage on your servicing contract. The cold head is one of the most essential parts of an MRI machine, so your engineer should be experienced enough to deal with any issue that this presents. This can be scheduled quarterly to maintain a servicing schedule that benefits your equipment the most.

Chiller Service
Making sure your preventative maintenance includes the chiller service is also very important. Since it is an extended part of your MRI device, it is most likely not considered in the contract. A local HVAC company can provide routine servicing on your system’s cooler to keep all of the parts on your MRI, such as the cabinets and electronics, at the correct temperature.

ACR Accreditation
It is crucial to guarantee service to comply with all the norms regarding MRI and ACR accreditation. Although having routine maintenance doesn’t guarantee accreditation, image quality standards are getting harder to keep up for older models as technology advances. Make sure to keep up with these pointers to service your MRI machine correctly.

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