Slice Count on your CT Scanner

CT Scanners are used for diagnosing many types of conditions such as lung, liver, or pancreatic cancer. They produce internal images of the body that can help detect or analyze problems in the internal organs. When talking about CT Scanners, it is important to know how they work. Mainly, they are differentiated by the number of slices they carry. This refers to the number of rows of detectors on the z-axis of a CT Scanner. The first CT Scanners had single-slice CT images, and now there are multi-slice CT Scanners available in the market. This doesn’t mean one is better than the other precisely, it depends on what your facility might require. 

This type of medical imaging equipment comes with a variety of slice counts, ranging from 2-4 to 64 and 128 slices.  Fewer slices can mean a larger chance of missing something important on the scan, meanwhile, a multi-slice CT Scanner will offer a more detailed view of the scan.  A lower slice count can mean less radiation and is likely recommended for facilities with less patient traffic, meanwhile a higher slice count CT Scanner is the best option for facilities like a large hospitals.

The cost will also vary depending on the slice count on your medical imaging equipment. Doctors and facilities can also consider investing in used medical imaging equipment such as refurbished ct scanners. Here at Medilab Global, we help and guide facilities and doctors everywhere to purchase used medical imaging equipment. We offer refurbished medical equipment for sale, such as refurbished CT scanners and Used CT Scanners for sale! Investing in pre-owned medical imaging equipment can help your facility to save money for other important purchases.

Radiation is also an important factor to keep in mind since a higher slice count CT Scanner will produce more radiation than a lower slice count. The more radiation, the sharper the image as well. This depends on the facility and what risks they are willing to take in order to achieve high-quality images. Talking to the experts here at Medilab Global can help guide you to make the best decision for your practice or facility.

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