Diabetes affects about 400 million people worldwide, this week on March 22 was American Diabetes Alert Day and at Medilab Global we contribute by raising awareness on this disease. Today we will talk about the way medical imaging equipment is used in regards to this disease. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are both associated with an impairment of pancreatic ​​β-cells. In order to handle and detect diabetes, it is crucial to preserve these β-cells and the way they function. 

Both MRI and PET/CT diagnostic imaging is used to detect the population and function of these β-cells. Doctors are able to monitor the progress of this disease and the results of anti-diabetic therapies when using this type of medical imaging equipment. The recent advances in imaging technology have been able to determine an early diagnosis for patients everywhere. Monitoring β-cell functioning with MRI Machines proved to be very helpful to doctors. Zinc is responsive to MRI contrast and is also the main role of insulin secretion, making it useful to determine this process during an MRI scan. 

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PET imaging has also been used in recent studies to evaluate pancreatic islet cells and the loss of these in diabetic patients. So in conclusion, both PET and MRI have been successfully used to diagnose and treat these β-cells that are directly involved with diabetes. This week we help commemorate American Diabetes Alert Day and hope this blog helps further understand the relationship between this disease and medical imaging.

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