All about MRI machines

There are a few things that we can imagine when a Doctor says it’s time to get an MRI. Medical imaging equipment tends to be a bit intimidating due to its size and the overall results one could get from a scan. In order to understand these MRI Machines, we must first get to know them and how they work. In today’s blog we will go more into depth about how they work and what we must know beforehand.

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and as the name says, these great machines work with powerful magnets and software that can diagnose medical injuries or a patient’s response to a certain treatment. An MRI can provide an image or a detailed view inside soft tissues and other structures or organs inside the body. These include the head, brain, neck, breasts, heart, circulatory system, and other organs. At Medilab Global we provide facilities with used medical imaging equipment and we have MRI machines for sale.

Unlike CT Scanners or X-Ray machines, MRI machines do not use radiation to create these images. The patient must lay down on the screening table which is then inserted into the center of the opening that carries the magnet. The magnetic field that is created then interacts with the protons and hydrogen atoms inside of the body. These are then detected by a receiver inside of the MRI machine and the software will create the images. 

The scan takes an average of 20-45 minutes and you can expect to hear different sounds throughout the process. Once this is completed, a Radiologist will revise the images and help diagnose any issues. At our company, we assure our customers with high-quality used or refurbished medical imaging machines that help doctors everywhere diagnose and treat their patients.

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