Lego MRI models are comforting kids everywhere

Pediatric offices around the world will soon be able to provide more comfort for their kid patients with help from the new LEGO MRI model. These miniature MRI scanners provide kids with pre- examinal familiarity. There is no doubt that children everywhere are hesitant to doctor’s visits, so the company launched this initiative to help cope with test anxiety.

Having these models in the room before undergoing a procedure can help kids better understand how these great machines work. MRI machines can be very intimidating even for grown men and women. The model consists of a doctor, a technician, and a patient waiting to be scanned. Children can play with the figures and get a closer look at the MRI scanner and all its important parts. Here at Medilab Global we buy and sell MRI Machines and can guide you to pick your best fit. 

Erik Ullerlund, a LEGO group employee, had the idea to create the model and the company is looking to donate these to Radiology departments everywhere. Initiatives like this one tenderize the idea of having to go through medical procedures at a young age. The post went viral when it was shared through Twitter recently and gained likes and comments from patients worldwide. This model will not be available for purchase as it was thought out to be donated. Kids can be sure to find a friendly face next time they go in for a scan!

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