How to prepare for a CT Scan Exam

CT Scanners are used mainly to determine a clear view of the body which then allows easy diagnosing of many medical conditions. Some things you can learn about either new or Refurbished CT Scanners are listed below to help you understand the process and prepare for your exam.

How it works:

This type of Medical Imaging Equipment relies on different images also called “slices” from various angles to determine one highly detailed scan. From a CT Scan or computerized tomography, doctors can determine the location of tumors or internal bleeding in the body. This leads to quick diagnosing and monitoring of the patient’s condition. 

What it looks like:

A CT scanner looks like a large ring with a table attached, which then slides into the bore or hole of the machine and takes full scans. While you won’t see it spin around, you will most likely hear noise coming from the machine. It may also move if it’s going over a specific part of your body. Staying still during the exam is key for having reliable results.

Radiation and CT Scanners:

CT Scanners also use radiation and although they rely on this, the risk of developing cancer due to this is very low. The results of a CT Scan can help determine many important health conditions and can be used as a tool for further treatment. If you feel unsafe with this type of exam, you can also talk to your doctor about alternative imaging exams.

Investigate Providers and More!:

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