International Day of Radiology in times of COVID-19

Every year on November 8th we celebrate International Day of Radiology. This time, for the second year in a row we all look back on the importance of medical imaging equipment due to the challenges we face worldwide in regards to Covid-19. In most cases, Covid-19 patients and healthcare workers rely on imaging equipment results to determine the effect taken upon the lungs. Lung injury and keeping track of pneumonia patterns are essential to a patient’s recuperation when facing the disease. Important diagnostic decisions are based upon results used most likely with a Chest CT. This type of medical imaging equipment clarifies and detects any attack to or within the lung area and is valuable to determine a patient’s diagnosis which reveals the course the virus is taking upon the system.

Advancement in technology and the undeniable reliance we have on CT Scanner findings have been of great importance and contribution to the wellbeing of Covid-19 patients and healthcare workers worldwide. Medical imaging equipment whether it’s used, refurbished or pre-owned has been vital to the healthcare industry now more than ever. The industry has relied on the ongoing findings and advancements shown during the pandemic to further enhance and fortify the aid to the worldwide disease. This November 8th, Radiologists and healthcare workers around the globe will take pride in the positive development that has taken place in the medical imaging field.

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